BRIEF: This promo is going to open the Comedy Session which will be hosted on our Showcase website. The session is a sleek, premium pre-recorded half hour which is presented by Claudia Winkleman and takes buyers through the programmes we have on offer. They’ll be shown sneak peeks, interviews with cast and crew, key art and full promos, all with the purpose of driving intrigue and getting TV buyers to ultimately buy our shows. The current promo we have is well structured and lands a lot of laughs, but it’s all quite one note. The style of series/clips we’re currently showing don’t give emotional range, and the one tone music track makes everything feel quite similar. We don’t feel it shows off the full breadth of our comedy offering and doesn’t take you on a journey emotionally. In our objectives below we talk about opening the comedy session with a bang and although there are great scenes that make you laugh in the current promo it’s all relatively sitcom-like and you don’t come away at the end thinking WOW. This is the first year we’ve had a truly amazing range of cross-genre comedy and a ton of great talent, and we want this promo to really show that off to our audience.

PAs: Dora / Anais
DESIGNER: Radvile (me)
FINISHING: Nathan / Sandy / David / Ella

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