kinetic typography with motion graphics, round shapes, visual effects
Kinetic typography with round shape, red colour palette and moving motion typography
kinetic typography with round shapes, black and white colour palette and surreal visual effects
kinetic typography with spiral text and font shape with black and white colour palette
kinetic typography by artbyrad using the typeface, shapes, motion graphics, colours and visual effects
Kinetic Typography
Motion Graphics
This project explores different motion graphic effects with kinetic typography. In the InVision article, Kristin Hillary describes kinetic typography as "Kinetic typography is an animation technique that uses moving text to capture attention, set a tone, and entertain" (Hillary, 2019).

Typefaces: Azo Sans Back, Kanit Extra Bold, and Impact Regular.
Colours: red, black, white, pink, green, blue
Shapes: Abstract forms, spiral, circle
Motions: twirl, spin, rotate, twist, zoom in, shear
Software: After Effects, Photoshop
Date: 2021 January

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