3D typography design project. This graphic design project was en experiment with various materials , fonts, shapes and lighting. Derrida regular font was chosen by art by rad graphic designer red and black colours were main ones. ,
liquid 3d typography design. A silhouette of ocean. Graphic design typography artwork. Blue colour symbolise water and the  freedom.
Red and Blue colours are connected with the base of the triangle. Abstract art made from final 3D typography project by using liquify tool in Photoshop expresses the power and energy. This combination can be used in mood boards as it could present water and fire. Both of them can always exceed.  
Close-up typography
Close-up typography
Mac screen with a 3D typography design created with adobe dimension
3D Typography
Experimenting  with materials and lighting
3D typography design. The idea was to express the word exceed by using different materials and lighting. Font for this design was Derrida Regular. Side materials - gelatin.

Colours for the side : metal - #FF0000, strap - #262626, clip - #F4F6F6. 
Colour for the face and bevel - black and colour for the back - white.
3D splash and sphere models with gelatin material were added to clarify the design concept for the word exceed. Global lighting was chosen for the final scene. 

Second image symbolise water, life and limits. All the details are the same as in the first image, except the content of the water (blue colour instead of red). 
Software used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dimension.

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