Mood board for package design project.This research and ideas explore red, black and yellow colours
Graphic design, product packaging design project started with a research and brainstorm about mass consumerism
Packaging design project took place in London where artbyrad organised photoshoot with international fashion model and used this image in the bag design
Final bag design result for packaging design project created by artbyrad. This graphic design artwork uses black, red and yellow colours.
Package Design 
Made by Art by Rad
The main object for this design was a photograph of an international fashion model. ( The portrait is in monochrome to keep the colour palette simple. To express the emotion, eyes were painted in yellow and red colours. The surreal detail in this design is the brain on top of the models head. Red hands are protecting and holding them. Brain and hands symbolise the mass consumerism. The popular saying "Think before buy" describes this idea best. Everything depends on you. You lost control - brains on the floor. 

In the book "How to Solve any Creative Brief" written by John Ingledew it says: "you can solve any brief with an image of hands. Handprints were first marks early humans left on the walls of caves. Way before we had learned to make drawings with tools we could make patterns with our muddy hands. Everyone has individual hand-and fingerprints. They are a record of our uniqueness, used both by police to identify criminals and to celebrate achievement and frame when celebrities press their hands into wet cement in public ceremonies in Hollywood" (Ingledew, 2011).
Purpose: to compose a bag design and expose Mass Consumerism. These samples are for digital reproduction and uses RGB colour model.
Idea and Development: Whenever consumers will buy a bag, they will see hands holding the brain. the adage "Think before buy" depicts this visualisation. Everything depends on you: lost control - brains on the floor. For the main image, the fashion model's portrait was chosen. Fashion models are a big part of mass consumerism industry as they influence people on continually buying the latest trends. In this design, the model influences people to stop purchasing. 
software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustration, Adobe Dimension
Year: 2020
Read more about mass consumerism impact for the environment on National Geographic article:

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